Millaa Millaa Community Alliance Ltd. is a for-purpose organisation supporting the social welfare and long-term sustainable future of Millaa Millaa township, and the community.

Our Priority

Building a strong, connected, and empowered township through community cohesion and resilience.

Our Objects

  • fostering positive community relationships by engaging processes of open consultation, community awareness and education, and activities to promote diversity, respect, and community resilience;
  • reducing isolation for individuals who are at risk, who are in distress, who are in poverty and who are suffering misfortune in the community, by bringing people together and supporting community cohesion;
  • promoting Millaa Millaa township (and surrounds) - including, but not limited to - available businesses and services, community amenities and events, and local natural attractions;
  • developing, implementing, and coordinating community projects that support the Objects - including, but not limited to - environmental and community sustainability, economic revitalisation, and community cohesion;
  • coorporating with any other organisation in furtherance of the Objects; and,
  • pursuing any other activities which are - 1) consistent with the Objects; and, 2) approved by the Board from time to time.

Our Values

  • Connection | building strong, meaningful, and sustained relationships.
  • Focus on Impact | standing up boldly to lead change.
  • Creativity | driving innovation by thinking out loud.
  • Building Social Value | empowering people to address issues important to the community.

These values guide how we approach our activities, how we work with each other, how we administer our organisation, and how we work with our external partners.